Saturday, May 19, 2018


Head: LAQ Bento head - Poppy ✿New
Skin: LAQ ~ Bree Skin [tone 0.5] ✿New
Lipstick: ~Shiny Stuffs~ LAQ Dewdrop appliers
Hair&Ribbon: pr!tty - Charlotte - Short HUD Blondes ❀Enchantment
Dress&Choker: Les sucreries de Fairy - Queen of your Heart ❀Enchantment
Shoes: :::ChicChica:::Xena ❀Tres Chic
Pose,Wall,Can,Ladder&Brush: Le Poppycock *Just Alice* Pose & Prop Gacha ❀Enchantment

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Skin: Ascendant - Snow TONE 01 - Catwa
Lashes: pr!tty - My Everyday Look - Catwa
Lipstick&Blush: {Imeka} Sweet Make Up Catwa 2
Necklace: MICHAN - Fleur Necklace Gold ❀Whimsical
Hair: Opale . Sara Hair HUD Blonde ❀Access Event!
HeadPhone: Yokai - Sweet music - Mouse Pink Gold
Bikini: Sese - Ready for Summer - Flowers Bikini (Maitreya) ❀Whimsical
Hair: {Limerence} Adele Hair HUD Natural ❀ROMP!
HeadPhone: Yokai - Sweet music - Cat Pink Gold
Bikini: ::Cotton:: Mimi SwinSuit (Maitreya) ✿New
CocoMilk: :::ChicChica::: CocoMilk ❀Blush
[Black Bantam] Too Cute To Drink Horchata Kitty Decor ❀6Republic
[Black Bantam] Sauce Packet Spill Decor ❀6Republic
[Black Bantam] Crinkle Fries Paper Boat Decor ❀6Republic
Sway's [Kai] Adirondack Garden Chair ❀Fifty Linden Fridays
Yokai - Dancing Flamingo - Flamingo (hot pink)
Sese - Ready for summer - Pool Pink RARE ❀Whimsical
Sese - Beach Towel - Pink ❀Whimsical
((LovelyAlien)) Celestial Blooms Parasol - Lust

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Head: LAQ Bento head - Poppy ✿New
Skin: LAQ ~ Bree Skin [tone 0.5] ✿New
Lipstick: ~Shiny Stuffs~ LAQ Honey Lips Appliers
HairBow: .tsg. Princess Hairbow - Pink x Pink
Hair&Ears: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Nekoya Hair ❀ROMP
BodySuit: ERSCH - Mandala Bodysuit Maitreya ❀Whimsical Event
Pose: {Imeka} Girl - Lookbook Pose6
Hair&Ears: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Ahri Hair
BodySuit: *Tentacio* Laura Lace Pink ❀Equal10
Skirt: *Tentacio* Laura Pink ❀Equal10
Pose: Suga-Suga Blossom Bento Pose3

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Skin: Ascendant - Lola tone 00 - Catwa
Freckles: Ascendant - Perfect Cute Freckles
Lashes: Ascendant - Cameron Eyelashes - Catwa ✿New
Eyes: Ascendant - Jasmine Eyes - Catwa/Omega/Lelutka ❀Applique
Lipstick: Ascendant - Cotton Candy Lipstick - Catwa/Omega
Hair&Ribbon: pr!tty - Julia - HUD Blonde ❀PocketGacha
Jewelry: .::Nanika::. Carla Black&Silver
Drink: :::ChicChica::: Mimosa ✿Summer Loving Hunt
Sweet: :::ChicChica::: Sweet Gacha #1 UltraRare ❀PocketGacha
Dress: Belle Epoque - Sara Pink ❀Fameshed
Shoes: Essenz - Belem ❀Ultra Event!
Hair&Ribbon: pr!tty - Julia Ponytail- HUD Blonde ❀PocketGacha
Jewelry: .::Nanika::. Margaret Black
Nails: Unnie - Lovely Nails (maitreya appliers)
Drink: :::ChicChica::: Margarita ❀Equal10
Sweet: :::ChicChica::: Sweet Gacha #3 ❀PocketGacha
Dress: RUST REPUBLIC - Inspiration dress (maitreya) ❀Cosmopolitan
Shoes: Essenz - Maracaibo ❀Fameshed
{Your Dreams} Wedding Spring Tulips -Table
{Your Dreams} Wedding Spring Tulips - Ceremony Chair
{Your Dreams} Wedding Spring Tulips - Cake
{Your Dreams} Wedding Spring Tulips - Tulip Jug
{Your Dreams} Wedding Spring Tulips - Place Setting

Unnie - Lovely Nails

Monday, May 14, 2018


Head: LAQ Bento - Poppy ✿New
Skin: LAQ ~ Poppy Skin [tone 0.5] ✿New
Lipstick: ~Shiny Stuffs~ LAQ Honey Lips Appliers
Hair: {Imeka} Aya HUD Lovely Ombre
Balloon: {Imeka} Heart Balloon
Crown: -Sorumin- Spring dream Gacha - Blue ❀ The Gacha Garden
Dress: -Sorumin- Spring dream Gacha - Blue ❀ The Gacha Garden
Magic Wand: -Sorumin- Spring dream Gacha - White ❀ The Gacha Garden
Shoes: -Sorumin- Spring dream Gacha - White ❀ The Gacha Garden
Pose&TeaParty: Fashiowl Poses - Tea Party ❀Enchantment


Head: LAQ Bento - Poppy ✿New
Skin: LAQ ~ Poppy Skin [tone 0.5] ✿New
Lipstick: ~Shiny Stuffs~ LAQ Honey Lips Appliers
Hair: {Imeka} Amelia Hair - HUD Naturals
Headband: pr!tty - Alice's Bow ❀Enchantment
Dress: -Sorumin- Tea time Gacha - Alice Blue ❀Enchantment
Drink: -Sorumin- Tea time Gacha - Drink Me Pink ❀Enchantment
Shoes: -Sorumin- Tea time Gacha - Alice White ❀Enchantment
Pose&ScenaryClock: Fashiowl Poses - Drink me ❀Enchantment

Saturday, May 12, 2018


Lashes: Suga-Suga ~ Mona Catwa Applier ✿New
Lipstick: Suga-Suga - Kokoro Lipstick Catwa Applier
Hair&Hat: *Tentacio* Aitana Hair HUD Platinum ❀The Gacha Garden
Outfit: *Tentacio* Aitana Outfit RARE ❀The Gacha Garden
Choker: *Tentacio* Aitana Choker ❀The Gacha Garden
Cone: *Tentacio* Aitana Strawberries Cone ❀The Gacha Garden
Skate: *Tentacio* Aitana Skateboard Pink ❀The Gacha Garden
Shoes: *Tentacio* Aitana Pink&White ❀The Gacha Garden
tatoo: THIS IS WRONG Lilith tattoo Pink ✿New
Hair: {Limerence} Laura HUD Ombre ❀Blush
Headphones: Yokai - Sweet music - Cat Silver ❀The DollHouse
Earrings: ERSCH - Hearts Earrings ❀Enchantment
Choker: MICHAN - Carol Chains ✿Group Gift
Top: RUST REPUBLIC [Too sweet] Jeanse RARE ❀The Chapter Four
Pants: RUST REPUBLIC [Too sweet] Top Pink v1 ❀The Chapter Four
Cone: *Tentacio* Aitana Cheese Fries ❀The Gacha Garden
Menu: *Tentacio* Chicago take away ❀6º Republic
Shoes: *Tentacio* Aitana White ❀The Gacha Garden

Thursday, May 10, 2018


Lashes: MICHAN - Heidi Lashes Catwa
Lipstick: ~Shiny Stuffs~ Catwa Masque Appliers
Skin: Ascendant - Snow Tone 01 - Catwa
Eyes: Ascendant - Valery Eyes [Catwa/Omega/LeLutka]
Freckles: Ascendant - Perfect Cute Freckles
Necklace: .::Nanika::. Lesya Gold
Bag: ::C'est la vie !:: Aino Bag Gacha - Red
Bouquet: Yokai - La Flore - Selina Bouquet - Red
Hair: {Imeka} Mandy Hair - HUD Naturals
Blazer: Belle Epoqie - Isabel Yellow ❀Colaboor88
Romper: Belle Epoqie - Isabel Yellow ❀Colaboor88
Shoes: Essenz - Detroit ❀Uber
Hair: {Imeka} Baylee Hair HUD Colors ❀Colaboor88
Headband: Opale . Thick Plait Headband ✿Summer Loving-Hunt Gift
Jewelry: .::Nanika::. Regina Choker Gold/ Necklace RARE
Bag: [Black Bantam] Country Tassel Tote Clay Blue ❀Colaboor88
Grape: :::ChicChica::: Grape Dark Purple ❀The Chapter Four
Outfit: Entice - Fancy Pants - Cinco de Mayo ✿Gift from May5-May12
Shoes: ((LovelyAlien)) Gleam - Heels - Scarlet (Maitreya) ❀The Liaison
Pose: {Imeka} Yunna-Poses

Tuesday, May 08, 2018


Lashes: MICHAN - Shontelle Lashes [Catwa]
Lipstick: ~Shiny Stuffs~ CATWA Mei Applier
Choker: NamiiChu ~ Miaww Choker - HUD Cute ❀TheChapterFour
Hair: pr!tty - Jes - HUD Grayscales ❀TheChapterFour
Lingerie: *Tentacio* Martina lingerie Pink ❀Kinky Event!
Sugarcream: .Pink Diamond - Sugarcream Whisk ❀On9 Event!
Socks: {KIUKIU} Berry Socks [maitreya] ❀Suicide Dollz
Pose&Pillow: Suga-Suga ~ Time To Sleep ❀Suicide Dollz
Hair: pr!tty - Charlotte - HUD Grayscales ❀TheChapterFour
Headband: .Pink Diamond - Floofy Bear ✿New
Perfume: :::ChicChica::: Seduction Perfumes ❀Cosmopolitan
Lingerie: Entice - Send Me An Angel - Pink ❀Gacha Garden
Shoes: *Dilly Dolls*Abigail Heels ❀Blush
*Tentacio* mannequin fur
{Your Dreams} Little Puppies - Sick Little ❀The Gacha Garden
.Pink Diamond - Inspire Door Hanger [NEVER NEVER] ❀On9 Event!
ACORN Writing Desk ❀Fameshed

Sunday, May 06, 2018


Head: LAQ Bento head - Poppy ✿New
Skin: LAQ ~ Poppy Skin [tone 0.5] Brows+Browless ✿New
Hair: pr!tty - Sunny - HUD Grayscales ❀The Chapter Four
Crystals: ((LovelyAlien)) Mage Crystals - Crown - RARE ❀The Gacha Garden
Choker: NamiiChu ~ Miaww Choker - Aqua HUD ❀The Chapter Four
Fish&Alga: Yokai - Undersea Gacha

Saturday, May 05, 2018


Lipstick&Blush: ~Shiny Stuffs~ CATWA Masque Appliers
Hair&Flowers: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Flora ❀Blush
Birds: Yokai - Spring Walk Gacha ❀The Gacha Garden
Corset: Les sucreries de Fairy - Antoinette Pink ❀The Liaison
Bubbles: :::ChicChica::: Bottle Bubbles ❀Cosmopolitan

Friday, May 04, 2018


Head: LAQ Bento - Motion Capture - Scarlet 3.04
Freckles: LAQ ~ Freckles Appliers
Lipstick: ~Shiny Stuffs~ LAQ Dewdrop appliers (Updated)
Skin: LAQ ~ Skye Skin [Tone1.0] (Brows+Browless) ✿New
Hair: {Limerence} Odri HUD Natural ❀Kinky Event
Jewelry: .::Nanika::. Lelya Jewelry ❀The Chapter Four
Shirt: Entice - Good Time Top - Yellow ❀Saturday Sale
Shorts: Entice - Good Time Shorts - Hot Pink ❀Saturday Sale
Skin: LAQ ~ Madison Skin [Tone1.0] (Brows+Browless) ✿New
Hair: {Limerence} Kimberly HUD Natural
Necklece: .::Nanika::. Leah Pink ❀The Liaison
Top: :Cotton: Calypso (fred) ✿New
Shorts: :Cotton: Calypso (Orange) ✿New
Socks: ::C'est la vie !:: Suvi Socks (#2)
Boots: fri. - Heidi Wellies - Tulip

Sese - Burger Bistro ❀The Gacha Garden

Thursday, May 03, 2018


Hair: Opale . Marishka Hair HUD Black&White
Earrings: ERSCH - Expectation Gacha White
Swim: {KIUKIU} Usagi Swim [maitreya] ❀The Chapter Four
Tasty: Yokai - Tasty Gacha - Pig(Pink)&Mouse(Violet) ❀SaNaRae
Lolipop: .Pink Diamond - Sugarpop Mouth
Hair: Opale . Ophelie Hair HUD Black&White
HeadBow&Earrings: ERSCH - Fishy Wishy Gacha ❀TheGachaGarden
Top&Shorts: ERSCH - Fishy Wishy Gacha Pink ❀TheGachaGarden
Float: ERSCH - Fishy Wishy Gacha Fish Float ❀TheGachaGarden

Lashes: MICHAN - Jichu Lashes [Catwa]
Lipstick: Suga-Suga - Kokoro Lipstick ❀The Makeover Room
Nails: Hello Dave - Noms - Nail Appliers ✿New
Poses: Suga-Suga ~Minchi Bento ❀The Darkness

Hello Dave - Noms Nail Appliers

Tuesday, May 01, 2018


Lashes&Lipstick: pr!tty - My Everyday Look - Catwa ❀Lost&Found
Skin: Ascendant - Snow Tone 01 - CATWA ❀The DollHouse
Eyes: Ascendant - Moonlight Eyes [Catwa/Omega/LeLutka]
Hair: TRUTH Panny - HUD Blonde
jewelry: .::Nanika::. Carla jewelry ❀The Gacha Garden
Pet: [Black Bantam] Southern Belle Chihuahua ❀Collabor88
Dress&Shoes: Belle Epoque {Sandra} Pink ❀Fameshed
Hair: TRUTH Lela - HUD Multitone1 ✿New
Necklece: MICHAN - Meimi Necklace ❀SaNaRae
Bag: ::C'est la vie !:: Aino Bag - Cream Gacha ❀Blush
Juice: Yokai - Spring Walk - Kitten Juice [beige] ❀The Gacha Garden
Dress: Entice - Clair de Lune ❀Trunk Show
Shoes: Essenz - Seattle
Poses: {Imeka} Girl - Lookbook Pose ✿New

Monday, April 30, 2018


Eyes: .tsg. Galaxy - Silver
Skin: [PinkFuel] Minji - <Porcelain> CATWA Applier ✿New
Hair: Opale . Emma Hair HUD Blond ❀The Trunk Show
Dress: {KIUKIU} Meilin Dress [maitreya] ❀The DollHouse
Pose1&Flowers: Fashiowl Poses - Cherry ❀Bloom
Pose2&Flowers: Fashiowl Poses - Bloom ❀Bloom
ACORN Vintage Clothesline ❀Bloom
ACORN Vintage Clothes Basket ❀Bloom